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Our Service Terms & Conditions

Technology360 Terms of Service

By Accessing the ( site you should accept our Terms and Conditions.All applicable laws and regulations. If you are not agreeing our Web Designing Terms and Conditions or Digital Marketing Terms and Conditions, You are prohibited from accessing or using this site.The content on this site are applicable and protected by Digital era's laws.

The links you are acessing from this site(Out bound links) we don't have any control over the sites.You are accessing them at your own risk.Technology360 is not responsible for them like Payment, Accessing their sites, Any type of content like images,text and videos Downloading from them

Terms & Agreements

Technology360 is do not process the works without an agreement between you and the Technology360. An agreement is the proof for the both sides in case of any kind of mis leading work. Once finalizing the requirements from clients the billing,works details and duration has to be mentioned the Agreement.Each and Every client should be signed on the agreement.


The Ownership has to be given once the payment and final output has to be delivered.Until that Technology360 has the complete rights. The Updates and Changes will be done as per the agreement. In Case of extending the warnings on extra addons or delaying the approvals without proper reasons the Ownership will be postponed.

About the Projects

Technology360 Strictly follows the agreements.The Renewal things, Content Updates and all will be done as per guidance of the agreement. The new works has been charged extra depemnds on the work and making the changes on the agreement both have to be modified on document.

  • Technology360 doesn't give any warantees or guarantees on the works. The things depends on the technologies.So techologies keep on updating. But we are responsible till the final delivery of the project.
  • The works will be done as per agreement.So Incase of any doubts you have to clear before finalizing the works. And the reviews has to be very limited once you agreed for demos.
  • In case of Cancellation of the works,the deposited amount shouldn't be returned in any case of circumstances. The Concept and Ideas of the works has to be validated with your deposit.The final project files returning to the client, the complete rights has the technology360.
  • The Technology360 team will do the best quality testing.Still there is a chance to get the errors. So client has to be double check the works before finalizing

Advertisement Process

The Advertisement works and results depends on the platforms we are choosing and other technical terms depending on that. So in this creiteria Technology360 has the complete rights to be Investing on the plasforms. The Client should check the final output. The terms we are choosing Clients doesn't have right to ask us.By working on different platforms Technology360 need to add create or add existing pages. The Advertisements shouldn't be delivered until the things completed.o Client should agree with all these to run works smoothly.

Your Privacy

Technology360 gives more priority of client's information. We don't use any other communications except out business contact number or emails. And we don't share your information to anyone.Please update us incase you have got any communication instead of technology360.