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Target your exact audience with the
bulk emails.everyone using the email now a days.

Optimized Email Marketing in digital marketing for Custom Audience

Reach your Targeted audience to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Email Marketing stood at the top of your reach goals and target customers. The best email marketing services which are professionally designed and executed are crucial to reach customers and occupy a top position with periodic news & events.

Technology360 has a proven record of providing exceptional and results-driven bulk email service provider to several companies since its evolution. We can confidently assist you with powerful and excellently crafted email marketing solutions to reach your business goals.

Our extensive email marketing services include:

  • Efficiently designed database to target the right audience
  • Highly customized email
  • Multiuser accounts
  • Powerful integrations and impeccable email automation
  • Verification of spam before delivery
  • Intensive email segmentation to improve conversion rates
  • Expert handling of huge contact list
  • Taking care of every email design format
  • Keeping a track record of click-through rates
  • Highly effective online survey
  • Social media integration

We at technology360, work on creating eMailers, guided by the corporate brand image, or to attain a fresh new brand guideline. Starting with the website content, branding, and other marketing material, our design professionals develop consistent email communications.

Our Mail Marketing Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Research Customers and Markets

Email Marketing is the best way to target your customers directly. Which generating more leads than any other platform in the recent days. Sending Bulk emails to the targeted audience without researching it gives least results.

  • Project brief: Identifying the client business goals
  • Emails research: Targeting the potential customers
  • Template design: Designing the attractive template
  • Mails delivery: Triggering the emails as per schedule.
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Every platform must have a own strategy to get more conversions and which avoids the competitors. A good strategy must need best support team to achieve the clients goals.

  • Competitor Analysis: Analyzing the business competitors
  • Content Preparation: Preparation of attractive content
  • Targeted Audience: Targeting the potential customers
  • Email delivery: And delivering the emails with flixible timings.
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Email Design

A design must attracts the audience. Then Only they visits the sites for traffic or converted as a customer. A will explain the product or service in any simple manner.

  • Email Content: Preparation of valuable content
  • Mail Schedule: Targeting the customers with preferable timing
  • Monitoring Delivery: Monitoring the emails how the mails delivering
  • Analyzing Results: Analyzing the results to take further step.
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Delivering the Bulk emails are the more burden in the recent days. There are many chances to close by our accounts. An email should not spam by many members. An email sender have to monitor the each email they deliver.

  • Bulk Emails: We Do Bulk mails to target more customers with in short span
  • Business Emails: We provide business emails to show your identity
  • Email Monitoring: We Monitor the emails server
  • Delivery Report: We generate emails status reporting.
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Analysis And Reporting

We will analyze the work and reporting to our clients weekly or monthly. Which is useful to check their work status and helpful to their views.

  • Work Analysis: Client Business Analysis to target audience
  • Delivery Analysis: Delivery Analysis for taking future steps
  • Result Reporting: Reporting the accurate results
  • Competitive analysis: Analyzing the competitors after implementaion of the strategy.
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