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At technology360, we have a team of professional and experienced data scraping professionals who delivers your results in the file format you needed such as Excel, Access, CSV, TXT, and my SQL. We have expertise in automated data scraping ensuring 100% accuracy in the outcome.

Our data scraping professionals not only help to gather high-value data from the internet but enabling our clients to improve strategic insights thus creating new business opportunities.

Our data scraping services

include data collection, screen scraping, data extraction, and web data scraping. With our data scraping services, technology360 helps you crawl thousands of websites and collect useful information flawlessly. Using our data scraping services, we help you extract email addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, product details, business addresses, contact information, and other business-related data from the following sources:

  • Government online databases
  • Market place portals
  • Business directories
  • Auction portals
  • Statistics data from websites
  • Online shopping portals
  • Classifieds websites
  • News portals
  • Hotels and restaurant portals
  • Social networking sites
  • Job portals

Feel free to contact us at any time with queries regarding data scraping needs as we provide 24X7 customer support.

Our Data Scraping Process

Our 5 step Data scraping process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover Opportunities

Data Scrapers gives the boosting to any business. Which brings the required data for immediate use. So that clients can grow fast.

  • Data Requirement: Understanding of business goals
  • Collecting Info : Extracting the collected data for easy use
  • Data Usage: Using on daily basis ie: cold calling
  • Business Grow: Connecting to required customers saves a lot of time
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Data Concept

Data scraping company Understands the customer's requirements and Collects the information pin to pin to work hassle-free. Explain the possibilities of data collection.

  • Client Requirements: Collecting the clients requirement and goals
  • Possibilities:Explain and discuss more about the possibilities
  • Quantity: Reasearching and Getting the information about quantity
  • Duration: Understanding the duration of the work.
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Finding Resources

Once Receiving from the client Inputs with the clear titles we research and dig deeply to identify the required data with quality and quantity .

  • Search Engines: Finding the search engines for collecting information.
  • Portals: Understanding the other portals for the content they have.
  • Blogs: Getting the information from other blogs to understand deeply.
  • Listings: collecting the all kinds of content from smaller to large data.
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Data Extraction

Creating and triggering the bots for content extraction. Bots extracts the data the on schedule basis.Depends on the content the bots have to schedule for single or more attempts

  • Creating Bots: Creating the bots for single use or multiple use.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling the bots for based on the low peak time
  • Triggering: Triggering the single/multiple bots to extract information
  • Monitoring: Monitoring for better output and without interruptions
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Data Reporting

Reporting is the one of important task to fetching only valid data from the unwanted data.Once finalizing the data the data reported to the required format of customer

  • Excel Sheet: Data exported to excel sheets with clear coloumns.
  • PDF: Which helpful to report all paragraph based content.
  • Image based: Product based content provided into images or videos.
  • ZIP: Zip folders are generated when the data contains many files .
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Data We Provide Under Data Scraping

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Companies Data

We scrape different categories of companies data based on clients requirement from local to global listings with addresses and companies contact details.

Persons Details

We provide different peoples of data based on clients requirement from local to global people with email and contact Number and other details.

Ecommerce Products

We scrape different categories of products data based on clients requirement from local to gloabal listings from different portals for prices etc.

Websites Data

We scrape different categories of websites data based on clients requirement from local to gloabal listed sites for url's and data they listed.

Business dealers

We scrape different categories data of business dealers,distributors,wholesalers,retailers and including data of products they distributed .

Customized Data

We provide different categories of companies, products/services,peoples and other informative data based on clients requirement from local to gloabal

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Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

FAQ's for Data Scrapng Services

We offer comprehensive data scraping services including web scraping, data extraction, data cleansing, and data transformation.

Yes, we can create customized scraping solutions tailored to your unique data requirements and business goals.

Cost varies based on project complexity and data volume. We offer customized quotes to match your scraping needs and budget.

We can scrape a variety of data including product details, contact information, pricing, customer reviews, links, text, images and more.