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Social Media Marketing is the best way to bring the more visitors
which increases the popularity of the brand

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Bring more traffic to your website with the help of our new proven techniques.

Social Media has become a much important platform to share your brands, products, and offers and increase your brand awareness thus generate leads and improve sales.

Are you looking for the best social media marketing agencies in India that can help grow your business? Technology360 is your best destination integrating social media marketing ads, SMO strategy, user experience, research, advertising, mobile-friendliness, Facebook campaigns, viral videos, search optimization, twitter updates, and analytics in a result-oriented custom-built manner.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Determine your goals in social media
  • Analyze the target audience of your brand
  • Choose key social media platforms
  • Choose your brand's tone of voice
  • Create an SMM content plan
  • Define KPIs to rate your success

We are offering the best social media services and social media optimization in India to engage your audience. We aim at building awareness by developing a distinct brand voice and transform loyal audiences into successful leads

Our SMM Marketing Process

Our 5 step SMM process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

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Social media is the great platform to reach your goals easy and quickest way. Almost 90% internet users will spend their 3/4% time on Social media than the normal browsing. Depends on the Social media platform which is having like, shares and commenting options to get immediate response.

  • Quick Sharing: Content should be easy to share
  • Easy to attract: Business pages should be attractive
  • Storng audience: Brings the potential customers
  • More traffic: From the Social Media to Websites
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Every platform in the digital marketing needs some strategy which avoids the competitors. A strategy must good without fail. Our Strategic team will work in the better way to keep away your competitors back and generates traffic and leads as well.

  • Strong Strategy: Our Startegies are increase the followers
  • Best Platforms: We focus on the best sites to be best
  • Competitor Analysis: Work with competitive environment by analyzing your competitors
  • Content Apply: Then target with best content
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Campaign Execution

Campaign execution is the most important thing in the best social media marketing company in India to influence people. The campaigns are 2types. One is organic, and the Second is advertising. The paid will reach more people than organic in the short span. But organic will last a long time.

  • Campaign Setup: For quick response we set up ads
  • Competitive Analysis: Which works with competitor advertisements
  • Target Audience: Our Ad strategies should reach your goals
  • Measurement: Measure your ads performance to make a next decision
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Analysis and Reporting

Once completing the campaign, the results may fluctuate. We have to analyze the issues on the campaign and competitors behavior we have to increase our extra strategies to beat the competitors. The reporting will be given to the clients to estimate their campaign performance.

  • Project Monitoring: Regular Monitoring the Pages to estimate performance
  • Reporting: Analyzing the pages for real time reporting
  • Clients suggestions: Gathering feedback from the clients.
  • New strategies: Analyzing old thigns and applying new strategies
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Services We Provide Under SMM

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer


Facebook is the first in the social media's list with the billions of users. Which offers organic and paid to improve attract your social media followers.


Twitter is the another great platform to share your tweets which improve your fans following with the both organic and paid.


Instagram is the another great platform with image and video sharing platform which share your views both in organic and paid followers.


Pinterest is the another platform to share with images. The images will pin on the entire web through orgainc sharing and paid sharing.


Linkedin is the one of the best platform to reach the educated people. which adds the professional followers.


The great place to share your video type content, which brings hugh visitors and popularity to your content.

Our SMM Strategy Outline

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Account Login

  • Facebook Connect / Open Graph.
  • Google Connect
  • Twitter Connect
  • Open ID

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds.
  • Google Connect
  • Facebook Profile Badge

Community Building

  • Facebook Friend Connect
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Instagram Friend Connect
  • Linkedin Friend Connect

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