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Invisible Hackers Living Inside Phones!

More than physical interaction, we spend our lives staring at our phones.A research tells, the number of times we use our phones is just as often as the number of times we breathe!

Basically we have let mobile phones conquer our world!

From having a single dialler telephone in a family, technology has now evolved to having individual smartphones for each family member and at all age groups! Now it’s has become a style and status symbol.

Somehow smartphones have many pros and cons. In this generation of excessive socializing and documenting personal and professional life digitally, this post is for awareness of hackers out there who might be recording and tracking your details without your notice!

Spying mobile is a serious offense. Be aware of it.Technology360 doesn’t support this or any unethical and illegal tactics nor we promote hacking for misusing of others smartphones.

Mainly this content will help the parents to control and monitor whether their children use smartphones for e-learning or misuse of internet.

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You can keep a check on –

Call log



Internet Browsing History


It works on these OS –





And you will get a mail of everything that is done on their mobile without their knowledge.

Some of the best smartphone spying apps are

Spy Human

Spy Phone

Truth Spy

They are not available on PlayStore, AppStore or Technology360 as spying is a serious offense. Be aware.You can download them only from their respective websites. Click here.

Before downloading –

  1. You must register with your email id.

2, You must install this app on the mobile you want to spy.

  1. You can hide the app.
  2. No issues at all with these apps, those are secured apps.


Are you a victim of smartphone hacking yourself?

Find out now if someone is tracking your mobile –

  1. Install this app from play store. This app let you know you are safe or not?
  2. The app is Incognito. By installing this app and secured antivirus you might be safe from hackers.
  3. Use your mobile safe mode.
  4. Don’t support spam links.

Technology is undoubtedly exciting, but not always a boon! Make sure you are cautious and avoid misusage. Do not support hacking. Above all, the info in this article intends to promotes parental control and their guidance at kids.

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