Know more About Google,  Bing, Yahoo etc

Know about search engines ?

        You are not a net user without reminding the one word out of 3. That’s the crazy they got. Google 81%, Bing 7%, Baidu 6%, Yahoo 6% and rest of % others. These engines work background and gather the information about each page and publish related to your search. Of course, every new site registered with them

As per SEO strategy, keywords, HTML, content, description of the site, index activity or page rank and Backlinks will decide the position of the result.

   The importance of Keywords:

      In general terms, keywords will play very important role in every website.When the internet users type in the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo find what websites they are looking for.      
        “The search engine used a particular word or phrase to find a relevant web page. Keywords are the short form of a web page and help search engines match a page to query.If the keywords were accurate, search engines could crawl the site“.

keywords, how keywords work
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Choosing  Better Keywords:

   Some keywords are having heavy competition because many businesses are trying to suggest when they search for those keywords. But some keywords are very less by search. In this gap call as heavy traffic keywords and fewer traffic keywords. Heavy traffic keywords will show lots of pages, as well as low traffic keywords, shows fewer pages. So it is better to put some time on keywords for researching any website. There are some tools to help you for keyword research whether it is free or paid.   

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