How to choose good content for a web portal

                                         How to write a good content

 A good content must maintain good startup and finish, you can select any topic until peoples were interested in that. Before going to write a topic you must follow some points like where to start, where to end, and how it will be followed step by step. You must form with some interesting sentences like some question tags, step by step paragraphs and back links(attach like one-page link to another page link).  By selecting present generation(updated news) topic it will be viral easily. And Google will help you with the correct keyword search and you can find high-interest keywords with AdWords. As well as you can use some story books, real stories too. Whatever the topic you must follow these steps to attract visitors to visit again and again your site.
After finishing the content writing you must apply for ads on your blog/website.

 How to get ads for our content

There are a lot of advertisers ready to post ads on your site. But they required some eligibility conditions for their customers. They post ads only when your site eligible their requirement. Mainly Google Ad sense, Info links, Bidvertiser,  Chitika, Clicksor, Revenue Hits and so on… They evaluate your site for some working days and post their ads by using HTML code. You must paste that HTML ad code in your site and ads will be displayed on your page. Then your income will start.

Online income generation
online income ,make money online
Earn online

Depends on visitor’s behavior like no of page views, ad clicks, or page views with ad clicks.And visitor Global address your ad price may fluctuate. The Main thing you remember, the ad rates depended on one ad to another ad and regular traffic of the site. It will vary on one nation to another nation. (Australia. USA, UK, Germany, Saudi, Singapore, Japan etc )will pay you more. (Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc)will pay you less.. And your payment also depends on the advertiser it will be Cent to some Dollars.  Google will send the PIN by post for address confirmation.So you must better to provide original details by applying time. Google will calculate your income for every month when you reach minimum 100$. Suppose you didn’t reach 100$ in that month your payment must pay by when you finish up 100$ in next month or coming months. And your payment will be added to your Bank A/C via PAYPAL or PAYONEER in 10-15 days of transfer time.

 Paypal or Payoneer for online earnings

online trasfer, paypal payoneer transfer

Advertisers will pay the money via  PAYPAL or Payoneer.  From those, you can receive to your own Bank A/C within 10-15 working days. The opening of Paypal or Payoneer A/c is simple and easy. You must have Mail id, Bank A/c Identity, and Pancard proofs. By successful a/c holder need to submit Advertisers. These third party transferors are very useful in every time, not only for this. We can do a lot of things with Paypal or Payoneer.

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