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How seo works

Present computing world regularly usable word. Peoples can’t sleep without reminding this word. That one is SEO. Simply we can abbreviate (Search engine optimization). But the major thing is

” It is the process of understanding the words from the net user and filtering the matched words with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc….and provide the relevant results or unpaid results like natural and organic “.

  Based on user entry match with search engine words, images, videos, local area, academic etc… results may appear one by one. Depends on the category SEO will publish the results. These users called as customers for their site owners.

Why everyone(site holders) need SEO?

         It is a competitive world, Everyone going like a Jet. And digital world making the everything doorstep. A lot of net users increased in the short span. Everyone looking for their identity. They want to prove who they are and what they do. In this process, they try to stand up become a first one. For this process they need SEO.
         Before going to start, we should know about the history, In the middle of the 90’s webmasters like  (now Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.). and Content providers started Optimizing, later started submitting the page address or URL search engines would crawl the sites. Later it worked based on algorithms, meta tags, HTML indexed the pages. Finally, it called as SEO.

 How does the Search engine work?

   Google,  Bing, Yahoo etc.. ?

        You are not a net user without reminding the one word out of 3. That’s the crazy they got. Google 81%, Bing 7%, Baidu 6%, Yahoo 6% and rest of % others. These engines work background and gather the information about each page and publish related to your search. Of course, every new site registered with them.

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