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Accordance with changing technology, we will have to follow many portals in our daily life. It is for our happiness, or for the need. Good luck, mostly in English. In some cases, some of the complicated words may not be understood, Immediately see in Google, no matter where there is no trouble. Some portals from other languages like Chinese, Japanese, etc.  allow you to switch to different languages. Some portals that are not able to do so, We can read comfortably at our local languages simultaneously. It has all the popular languages around the world. That best website translator is Google translator.

Here is step by step method to translate a portal or content:
Step:1  First I start with a convertible website, which option is given by the portals.Some famous portals having this language switch option.Let’s start with Yahoo.
In the above Image:
A) You can see a yahoo site loaded in English.
B) In the top right of the page, you can see the flag which is opened by you. (the circle area) Just click on that.
C) Choose a language which language you want, around the world.
D) Finally, you can see translated page.

Step 2: Now we work with non-convertible webpage  

In the above page doesn’t have the convert option.

Step3: just open the Google search engine. Give a keyword ‘translate Google‘ which is shown in the image b.

web translator
Google translator

Step4:  Just click on the below link which is match with this address.   

Step5: You may find like this.  

A)refers you to the web address.

B) with site address.Just press enter button.

Step6: Below image, word English red circle which refers default language of the page.Suppose the translator didn’t find the default language we can choose a language listed in detect language red circle.

Step7: Select a language which language you want to convert it. You may observe Indian languages too.And click a blue color site link to convert a website.

Step8: Finally you can view the translated web page English to The Telugu language.

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